Ico (in progress)

Posted: Thu, Sep 3, 2020


Texture ripping potential





So… this is an unusual one. My friends are big fans of this game, and one in particular plays this on the regular. She says this game’s known to be art in video game format. Well, I have very questionable tastes, so we’ll see how much I agree with this statement.

First off, there’s a ton of cutscenes. Like, way too fucking many. I skipped all of them so uhh… I hope they don’t matter. The gameplay begins in a massive tower that you slowly get to the top of, before lowering a cage with a ghost girl in it and a demon thing comes and swoops her away. I get to this point (this is 10 minutes into the game so I’d hardly call it spoilers) before some random energy blast wipes me out.


How am I supposed to- I mean just what the fuck is going on. Where’s the combat tutorial? I’m holding a stick. I try again and fly up a ladder to see if the higher ground will provide safety. It did not.

Hm… I think this is a game I might actually need to use my brain for. The game is very pretty so far and the animation is beautiful.

to be continued…