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Echoplex :: QR Codes

I used to make loads of things in New Leaf, and unfortunately most are gone as I didn't save the QR codes when I rinsed my town back in 2015. In a lot of my old screenshots there's villagers wearing Children of Bodom and Darkthrone shirts (I was an edgy teenager, okay...) but I would have to remake them if I wanted them back.

You know what I do still have? A poster of Alexi Laiho. I don't know why the fuck I have this and not, like, literally anything else. I'll have to work on making clothes again so I have something of value to post here.

The "Goods"

The aforementioned Laiho poster.

Alright, so this one shoulda been called "1,000,000" or something. It's my current town flag as I thought it looked pretty cool even if I don't really like the song. I'm a poser. Sue me.