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I feel like after Trent Reznor dropped The Fragile he just said 'fuck it'. He'd made his coins. He could just put out ambient dishwasher music for the next 20 years and no one would be able to stop him. He's put out the occasional bop since then, one of them being Echoplex from The Slip. I thought it was a cool name for a town, so here we are.

I am a man on a quest. I have an idea for a grim, run-down town that has been left to go to shit. I wrote about this and my reasons for abandoning New Leaf for a while in a System Logs entry. But now, I am somewhat motivated and ready to actually finish what I started.

6-piece Chicken McNobody
Echoplex (England)
Mayor Logan

Birthday July 19th

Dream Address
(Coming soon!)

OPENED: November 12th, 2015