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Echoplex :: Construction

Logging as new bits and pieces get added and ripped out of my town.

Entry 05 - Rebirth

It's mid-2019, and a new(?) exploit is found for the old 3DS. I've never ventured in console modding before as I was worried I'd royally fuck something up. I decided to take the plunge, and I'm pissed I didn't do this earlier. It was so painless.

I think back to wee Echoplex and the fucking mess I left it in back in 2016 when I stopped playing. I start mooching round for New Leaf hacks to see what's out there and find the New Leaf Save Editor. You can reroute your rivers. Replace your villagers' houses. Hell, replace your villagers with whoever you want. Give yourself as many bells and MEOW coupons and Island Medals as you please.

This little gem has already taken a massive load off my back. I'm sitting at 9 villagers as we speak.

I'll need to move someone in from the campsite and replace them with Raddle, the last villager I'm after.

Entry 04 - Saying Hi

It's nearing the end of 2017 and I felt like popping my head in to see how things are holding up.

Now I just feel like a cunt. I'll swing by later...

Entry 03 - Dropping By

Came to collect some cool shit from Redd and then leave again.

Entry 02 - Abandonment

I had plans for a stunning town. Loads of PWPs perfectly placed, paths the house, villagers lined up, everything. I was actively cycling my villagers to get the ones I wanted, and trying to fill up my catalogue and donate everything I could to the museum.

A month in and I'd tidied up the fossil donations.

Cycling villagers was a bit tedious, but it was fun to get to know all of the villagers that would come passing by my town even if it was for about 20 minutes of real-time before they'd be off again. The real bitch was plot resetting. Constantly powering off the DS and turning it back on until the villager that was moving in was in a prime spot. God I hated it. I'd spend easily half a day trying to place a villager, and as soon as they were placed I'd be back cycling to get the villagers I was after into the town.

Things begin shaping up. I complete a couple of PWPs and things are starting to fall into place. Things are a bit quicker when you have a few million bells lining your back pockets.

My map is looking decent too! 6 of the houses are permanent.

The kicker comes later when I had spent nearly a full day plot-resetting to get Fang in a nice place, and I fucked up the cycling process. Ankha had moved out, and had left a lovely house-shaped patch of mud by the golden roses I'd placed. All that work to get her in and in a good spot had just gone out the window, and it'd take getting 16 new villagers in and out before I could get her back.

I'm gonna be honest, I just couldn't be arsed. I was tired. My interest in building this town disappeared almost immediately as I'd really burnt myself out -- and I had barely even started structuring my town the way I wanted it.

Entry 01 - Starting Out

The main reason why I tore down my previous town, Earth616, was because I had come to the realisation that I was transgender and didn't need to be seeing my old name constantly.

The only problem with this, was transferring everything from my old town to my new one. I'd amassed about 9 million bells from buying and trading villagers and furniture online (a fucking black market, Jesus) and didn't want to lose it all. My friend let me borrow her copy of New Leaf as she hadn't played it in months and wasn't arsed about it.

This was fucking brutal, let that be known. Also, when I started her game up, I don't remember the exact reason why but her clock reset itself to the first of January. When I put the time back to normal Stitches had moved out of her town. Kinda fucked that one up.

After literally hours of transferring shit, we're up and running.