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June 2019


Dumpster dive through the various snippets of shit that fly between the synapses within my brain.



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2019 06 30


Trying to fix my gotdamn site!!!

Not much going on. Keeping on top of my tatt isn't too bad, but having one of my legs wrapped in cling all day in the summer is upsetting. Here's a snap:

    0010 1101 0011 0010 0110 0001
    2,962,017 = 29 / 6 / 2017

Obscure enough that people don't immediately read it as a date, and it looks dope in the process. I bloody love it.

Reworking the System Logs the best I can. Trying to format these entries in a way that is accessible and isn't just, like, 1000 entries on one page. I saw a site on Neocities where there was a page of diary entries that spanned over a few years and my laptop was noisy and calling me a cunt for trying to load so much crap at once. Not a life I want to lead.


Drab Majesty - Cold Souls

2019 06 29



Got my first tattoo today, it's the date I started on man-juice. Today actually marks 2 years since I started, so it was nice that it lined up like this. My artist was great, everyone else in the shop was great, the ink looks great, my ass is happy. I'll stick a photo up when I've stopped clinging it in a few days.

One of the guys in the shop introduced me to Boy Harsher, which is a band I glossed over and never really listened to. They remind me of She Past Away, a little bit. This happened as I was describing the sort of music I'm listening to at the minute to my artist after he asked me, and that's when Guy #2 chimed in with Boy Harsher.

I also scored a second bullet belt at a flea market-type shop.

Well, I suppose it's a catridge belt. £20!!!! A fucking bargain. I'm gonna try and clean it up a bit first, and then snap it into two anklets for a pair of boots I have. I have a nickel belt as well, but that one's full bullets rather than just the cartridges.


Boy Harsher - Tears

2019 06 26



I'm at Starbucks as my friend was gagging for a drink. I haven't seen her in about a year and she looks radiant -- she had only just started taking oestrogen when I left, and a year on she looks so vibrant and happy. Got a shit ton of cool tattoos over the year as well. I'm buzzing for her.

Anyway, I decide to get a drink too. A mini coffee frappuccino. There's a lady behind me, let's call her Karen, who orders a mega caramel frappuccino with extra sauce (or something along those lines). As I'm waiting, they put out a tiny drink on the counter which was clearly mine. This woman storms by, swipes the drink from the counter and goes and sits outside before I even had a chance to move.

Seconds later the woman's actual order comes out, the mega drink. I look at the barista, the drink, then back at the barista. We gave each other the "the fuck?" look before she said I could just take Karen's drink, and not to worry about it.

I'm walking outside with the mega drink and catch eyes with Karen from before, who is now yelling at another barista outside for giving her 'the wrong drink' as she waves my tiny drink around.

2019 06 23



Came across this little article today. GE have released some light bulbs that have the most asinine 'reset' process I've ever seen.

First off, needing to reset your light bulbs. Piss off.

Second, a little pinhole that you stick the end of a paperclip in wasn't enough? Really?

Every time I see any sort of product that wires up your house with sensors with the Internet involved, I immediately jump into tin foil hat mode. Nuh-uh. Nope. Why a few cheapo LED bulbs isn't sufficient when it comes to efficiency and saving a few coins I'll never know.

Yous don't find this shit horrifying?

"But Logan! Smart bulbs are useful for those who are not able-bodied!"

I'm sure plain old motion sensors would work better here, and certainly not the 6-cycle 3-minute on/off process one must follow to reset their god damn light bulbs.

Anyway. I just installed Blender for about the 4th time, and I'm going to try not uninstalling it before learning how to use it like I normally do. I have a really cool tattoo idea in mind, but to fully realise it I'm gonna have to 3D model it, take a snap, then faff around in Photoshop to bring it to life... just a minor task, of course...

2019 06 21



Switched to my Razr.

This phone has everything you'd ever need in it. Calendar. Alarms. Games. Modding capabilities. Expandable storage. I literally don't need anything else when I'm out and about. Motorola are reviving the Razr as a foldable smartphone which is fucking bullshit when they could just re-release the classic they originally put out instead.


Mojave Phone Booth - Red

2019 06 20



Ain't doing too bad.

I now have around 3 months off before I begin the last year of my Bachelor's, save for a few gigs, so I have some actual, proper free time to work on my site and work through my PS2 game backlog (which, due to my own incompetence, is ever-increasing).

Using an old people clam phone at the minute, but might switch to a Razr I have laying around or try and cop a BlackBerry. The only thing I truly miss about having a smartphone is the maps. A bitch has no sense of direction, so being able to whip out a phone and find out where I am and where I need to be was absolutely invaluable. Maybe I'll need to buy a paper map and learn how to read it (but we all know that's not going to happen).

2019 06 19



This was for a t-shirt. You're telling me you couldn't pass that off as a large letter and ping it off for a fraction of the price? Fuck you.


Cancerslug - Remnants

2019 06 09


Cutting up in my kitchen


Fine, I'll admit it. Todrick's new song was clearly made from Drag Race buzzwords thrown together by some shitty AI and marketed towards straight people, but I'm really enjoying it. Embarassingly so.

I also tried putting in my eyebrow piercings again, and those holes were nowhere to be found... which is giving me all of the ammunition I need to royally fuck my eyebrows up in some way, shape, or form. I could live my '90s Pamela Anderson pencil-thin eyebrow fantasy.

Or just go eyebrow-less. The possibilities are endless.

2019 06 08


In mourning.

I knew very shortly after I got my eyebrow pierced twice in one sitting that something was not quite right. The long bit (needle?) of the curved barbell was far too short for the amount of skin the needle had gone through. She had put in a 10mm, and I need at least a 12mm, preferably a 14mm.

So the wounds were in a constant state of scabbing for a few months as the skin was pressed to the point it couldn't heal. I then changed them out after a few months for longer ones, it got infected, I sorted the infection out, and then had to deal with minimising the scar tissue that had formed.

Things are alright at this point. Scars are fading okay. Until I get home from the She Past Away concert last night. I was sat in my living room after having peeled off my vinyl pants and was about to grab something to eat. I suddenly feel this strong pressure against my eyelid and freak the fuck out. I head to the bathroom and look in the mirror and my eyebrow has just full on swollen up.

I went to a walk-in clinic early today and the nurse said it's likely just allergies rather than anything mental, so I bought some cheap antihistamines and it's calmed down a lot. I took my piercings out because I just did not have the time to deal with them. Okay, I have 4 very distinct pink circles where the piercings were, but they'll fade over time.

Once the swelling has completely gone I'll try sticking the piercings back in. If the holes haven't closed up it will be business as usual and I'll pretend this never happened.


KMFDM - That's All

2019 06 05


Not working on my own site. Again.

I've decided to take on a big beast of a project -- in the form of recreating every accessible website in Grand Theft Auto IV, and store them on one Neocities website.

I have already ported the illustrious beverage Sprunk over at sprunk on my site, but I've gotten the itch and want to do the rest of them.

I snapped up the URL grandtheftinternet where this project will materialise at some point.

I'm also binning off my whatisthematrix site as frankly, I couldn't give a shit about working on it. I think this GTA project is gonna be far more interesting for me.

2019 06 02


Recovering from carpal tunnel

I am ditching my smartphone when my contract ends in a few weeks. I will very much miss the convenience of having one, but I can't continue to use one in good conscience.

Of course, the mobile browser I use is loaded up with the privacy extensions I use on my PC and I always use a VPN. You know, the basics. But it's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data farming and whatnot. Why should it matter? I don't use social media (apart from Twitter, but it's not like I've got much personally-identifiable info on there) so that's a big chunk that's not attributed to me. I just don't like the idea of not having control over my own data. I just want to be here and mind my own business! Clearly I ask for too much!


The focal point of this is that I'm shifting services I would normally only use on my phone to my PC. The big one is Bandsintown, an app I use to get notifications when somebody is touring. To use the PC version of the site, you need to have a Facebook account.

Obviously that wasn't going to happen, so I thought I'd set up a Songkick account instead. I only had to manually 'follow' 379 artists... I just hope this website doesn't fail me.

2019 06 01



Well, the season 11 finale of Drag Race was... okay.

That final lip sync between Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes felt like watching the lip sync between Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels all over again. I genuinely cannot believe there's people out there that think that Brooke should've gotten the crown, or that there could have even been (another) double crowning.

I think I now understand the heated emotions that straight men feel watching sports.


VNV Nation - Control