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Coding Quarter

Bits and snippets I discover on my journey from being a high-school student that can't code for shit to the current undergrad-turned-intern software engineer I am right now (that still can't code for shit). Nothing groundbreaking, just weird problems I encountered and the investigation work I did to figure them out.

Anything I found at work (as opposed to things I've done in my spare time) will have zero code snippets because the last thing I need is to get laid off for spilling company tea.

As for personal experience, I've dabbled in a few areas.


Self-taught pissing around in my spare time. Been at this nonsense since my early teens. Still love using tables for site layouts.


Java was mandatory at university so I didn't have much choice with this one.


First time I dipped my toes into OOP back in high school. I like Python a lot to be honest, but I don't get much of an opportunity to use it.


Needed this for my job. I'm probably better in C# than any other language I've done and I've been doing it for the shortest amount of time. I suppose when your bills depend on it, you make the effort to pick it up.


I mean, I can use it. Doesn't mean I really want to.

Also done my fair share of faffing around in C, Go, VB.NET, and some database query stuff too, but not anything too noteworthy.