About the Webmaster

This rundown corner of cyberspace belongs to Logan, a 21 year old Cancer on a one-man quest to have Digipaks eliminated from the face of the Earth. I'm here for music, I'm here for tacky web design, I'm here for video games. I got sick of Tumblr (it was a questionable 6 years on there) and wanted a static approach to dumping my useless shit online that wasn't a popularity contest - and I also wanted to be able to find stuff after I posted it. I don't like social media. It's the data farming mostly, but I don't like the societal impact it's left either.

So, for now, that brings me here. Everything on this site, from the graphics to the code behind it, was built from scratch using Notepad++ and a cracked version of Photoshop. The way nature intended. There's a bit of JavaScript here and there to handle image maps, count up elements on a page, very minimal stuff. No frameworks. No analytics (apart from whatever Neocities has put in, but you should have a good adblocker installed anyway).

I'm a university student studying computer science. I'm more into the backend stuff when it comes to software -- I don't have an artistic bone in my body, hence the mess here. I hail from the great North East of England, but you'll find me passed out in various train stations across the country as I do enjoy a good gig here and there.

Come say hi! Drop an email, a tweet, or call me a filthy tranny in my guestbook. Whatever floats your boat.