The Godhead Merch Shed

I am sure you are all well acquainted with one of the greatest bands to have graced this good planet, Godhead.

"Oh yeah! They did that cover of Eleanor Rigby!" — yeah they did! But if that's the only track you've heard, I'm sorry.

So, Godhead aren't my favourite band. Perhaps not even top 5. I do feel like they've been slept on heavily, though. They graced us with some beautiful albums, and Jason Charles Miller (frontman) has some fucking pipes. That man can sing.

Jason also holds the (un)official title of the first Goth Egg. This title is often misattributed to Smashing Pumpkins dude Billy Corgan, however our man Jason's been working that bald look and putting out better tunes longer than Mr William has.

I have slowly starting amassing a collection of Godhead memoribilia — shirts, CDs, singles, magazine clippings. I'm not quite sure why, to tell the truth. I'd also like to add that I haven't listened to their last three albums, or much of Jason's solo stuff either. Their sound mellowed out a bit, especially after Evolver, and I couldn't really get into their newer stuff so much. I just really like their earlier industrial goth club sound and the trashy leather looks they gave us earlier on in their career.

Like absolutely every other section of this site, it'll take me a minute to add everything I'd like to add. In the mean time, I put together a wee playlist of what I think are their finest bops.

  1. Gimp — Power Tool Stigmata
  2. Bleed — Power Tool Stigmata
  3. Lift — Godhead
  4. Unclean — America Now
  5. You Mean Nothing — Nothingness
  6. The Reckoning — 2000 Years of Human Error
  7. Sinking — 2000 Years of Human Error
  8. The Giveaway (feat. Wayne Static) — Evolver
  9. Lies — Power Tool Stigmata