Playstation Plaza

The greatest games console of all time — the PlayStation 2. I love mine to bits. I don’t seem to get the same amount of joy playing games on other consoles than I do the PS2.

This section was made mainly as a push for me to actually play my games; I’m bad for buying games and just… not playing them. I can normally buy games for about 50p/£1 each, and they rarely go above £4. Unless it’s Yakuza 2, which cost me the same as a brand spanking new PS4 game. But we won’t talk about that here. I don’t want to. It hurts too much to think about.

Hunting for

There’s a few games I want to get my hands on, but either forget, can’t find them, or find them but think I’ve already got them so I pass them by.


For now I’m settling with reviews for games as a bit of an incentive to get through them all, but I might add to this in the future with stuff like gameplay videos and mods. I don’t know for definite yet, so don’t get too excited.