The Hoard

Publish date: Tue, Sep 8, 2020

Long-time readers may notice this region expanded a little – what was originally a home for my CDs has expanded to be a home for all of my physical media.

“Why don’t you just link your Discogs?”

I mean… I guess you got me there. Here you go. But that’s not very exciting though, is it? I need excitement!! And content!!

Why the expansion from just CDs? Well, records are fun. I always put off getting into them because of lack of storage and lack of a turntable. My dad bought tons of the stuff in his youth, as well as inheriting a shedful from a guy who had to part with his. I had the wonderful task of logging all 400+ into Discogs as part of a larger attempt to sell the pricks and make some space… and coin. Predictably, he’s not using his turntable anymore either, so I’ve been graced with it (a Rega Planar 2 bought some time in the 80s, so not a bad piece of kit at all!)

My reward for the odious task was first dibs on whatever was there. It’ll be a minute before I can list stuff here as I need to comb through the whole lot again once I move house and separate into keep/sell piles. I’ll get there… one day…

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