Kamurocho Hills

No, this title has no alliteration. I spent a while trying to find something that would work with ‘Yakuza’ and failed. I thought this sounded alright though. It sounds a bit like a GeoCities neighbourhood.

While typing up an entry for Yakuza 2 in the PlayStation Plaza, I realised I had a lot to write about the Yakuza series in general. I feel that series deserves its own little hub here, for talking in-depth about the games themselves, and to log magazines, flyers, and other fun Yakuza stuff that I have.


Main series (story order):

Remakes (not remasters because who cares about them? I certainly don’t):


Reboot series:

I’m going to be replaying any games I’ve already completed (the main series/remakes/couple of spin-offs) before I write up anything for them just so they’re fresh in my mind and I can do proper playthroughs for them.

You might ask why some of the titles are in English and some aren’t… well Sega hasn’t localised the whole series. They’re more than happy to re-release Yakuzas 3, 4, and 5 onto PS4 when they’re perfectly fine on PS3 but they won’t give us Kenzan or Ishin?? Nioh was successful in the West! So was Witcher 3 – well, it’s not a samurai game, but it’s medieval shit and people gobbled that one up too. But yeah, the Japanese titles on the list are only available in, well, Japan. I have to play them in Japanese and have English guides to get me through them.

The Yakuza series had its humble beginnings on the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation Plaza contains reviews of PS2 games just as games, rather than playthroughs/rambles/mini-theses. Here are some quicklinks to the Yakuza-specific PS2 reviews:

Other stuff

My collection isn’t huge by any stretch, but I’ve accumulated a few bits of merch for the series too. I’ll need to scan a couple magazines and flyers and add them here, as well as post stuff relating to figurines and glassware. Yes I wrote figurines !!!!!! Leave me alone. I thought I was above that weeb shit but this series got me bad.