Kamurocho Hills

No, this title has no alliteration. I spent a while trying to find something that would work with ‘Yakuza’ and failed. I thought this sounded alright though. It sounds a bit like a GeoCities neighbourhood.

While typing up an entry for Yakuza 2 in the PlayStation Plaza, I realised I had a lot to write about the Yakuza series in general. I feel that series deserves its own little hub here, for talking in-depth about the games themselves, and to log magazines, flyers, and other fun Yakuza stuff that I have.

Games I have

Release date order will probably work best here…

I’m missing the first Yakuza, and the reason why I’ve been putting that off is because I have a thing about dubbed media. I don’t hate it but it just feels weird to be dealing with. It just feels incorrect. I might buy a copy just to say I own a copy but it’s really not high up on my list of things to get.

Other stuff

Magazines, flyers, art books, glassware, and figurines to come…