The Godhead Merch Shed

Posted: Sun, Jan 6, 2019
Last updated: Tue, Aug 20, 2019

I have slowly starting amassing a collection of Godhead memoribilia — shirts, CDs, singles, magazine clippings. I haven’t really listened to their last three albums, or much of Jason’s solo stuff either. Their sound mellowed out a bit, especially after Evolver, and I couldn’t really get into their newer stuff so much. I just really like their earlier industrial goth club sound and the trashy leather looks they gave us early in their career.


America Now (1994)

This was released in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and is apparently ‘rare’. I bagged it for £4.50 a while ago — it comes in one of those 3D cases and the flag waves when you move the CD. Unfortunately my case came with a large crack in it. There are two discs: ‘East Coast’ featuring songs by Godhead and Sorry About Your Daughter, and ‘West Coast’ featuring songs from Blackboard Jungle and Spun. Godhead have 5 tracks on this one.


Godhead (1995)

Another German/Swiss/Austrian release. Bagged this for cheap too. Jason still had hair at this point. This one also has The Answer, but all the other tracks are new. My favourite off this one has got to be Lift.


The Club Tracks (1995)

Scored this one for less than £5 on eBay. There was no photo on the item description so I had to go off what was on Discogs and trust the seller knew what they were doing. This item came in pristine condition. It looks like this CD was only ever released in Germany. There are only 4 tracks on this release, and all of them appear on their self-titled that was released in the same year. Going off the category numbers, it looks like their self-titled was released first and this CD was to be sent round to clubs and radio stations to promote it as it has ‘For Promotion Only’ stamped on the back and on the disc.


Nothingness (1996)

This one was incredibly hard to find for cheap. For months, possibly years, I only ever saw this go for £50+. I even saw it go for £91 once. I did a quick search while writing this, and the disc isn’t on eBay. American Amazon has it for $23 at its cheapest. I bagged it for £12 when a seller lobbed it onto the UK Amazon, clearly unaware of the fact that everyone charges out the arse for it. Which works very well for me, of course. Lift is on this one too. As I picked Lift on their self-titled, my favourite would be EneME.


Power Tool Stigmata (1998)

A gorgeous album, this one. Not hard to find. So many good tracks, and even the ones I rarely listen to have got that specific atmosphere and feel that’s unexplainable. I love this album. Favourite tracks are Gimp, Bleed (which got a music video)!, and Lies. The most famous tracks on this one are probably Penetrate (Queen of the Damned, anyone?) and Eleanor Rigby. I much prefer this version of Eleanor Rigby compared to the version on their following release.


The Reckoning (2000)

This is a promotional single for The Reckoning from 2000 Years of Human Error. It has two versions of the song: the radio edit and the album version. I’m starting to use Discogs to find and buy releases that I can’t get on eBay and it’s actually working super well. As for this release, it was cheap as chips, and includes some typos too. thereckoning_insert


Eleanor Rigby (2001)

This is a promotional single for Eleanor Rigby from 2000 Years of Human Error. It came in a cardboard sleeve which somebody tried (and failed) to remove a sticker from. Not much else to say about this one. The CD only has the one track on it.


Eleanor Rigby Remixed (Special U.S. Edition) (2001)

This is another promotional single for Eleanor Rigby, along with remixes from Lords of Acid, Sonic State, and Chaotica. I knew Sonic State sounded familiar when I read the tracklisting - they’ve also done remixes for a couple of Orgy singles as well as Visions of Our Past by Razed in Black.


2000 Years of Human Error (2001)

This is their most famous release. Marilyn Manson released this one on his vanity record label which lasted like 2 minutes. What bothers me a bit is that this album catapulted them into popularity, however they quickly got branded as a discount Marilyn Manson, which is fucking ridiculous. Imagine having such a lack of taste. My favourite track off this one is The Reckoning. It’s an absolute scorcher. This album also had a new version of Eleanor Rigby which got a music video for it — it’s actually pretty good !!


Evolver (2003)

This is the last album of theirs that I’ve actually listened to. This one’s alright! Highlights are The Hate In Me (which got a video), Anybody Else, and Dream. The absolute best track on this album though is The Giveaway, which features the late, great Wayne Static. jason_wayne


Non-Stop Ride (2004)

This isn’t really a Godhead release - just a compilation album of remixes by various artists of various artists and released under Godhead’s name. Lots of really fun songs on this one, and I love the album artwork too. I don’t ever see anything about this release which is a real shame. A well-rounded goth club soundtrack from beginning to end.

Favourite tracks would be:

… but really, the whole album’s great.


I have one shirt at the moment - dated 2001, so this is a 2000 Years era one. Snapped up from eBay a few years ago. Only problem is it’s a size medium, and now that I’m out of my ‘must wear clothes that look like potato sacks’ phase (or, as I like to call it, my ‘nu metal phase’), it doesn’t fit so good. Well, it fits okay, but the back print is very wide and the ends of the text get cut off as the shirt folds. Doesn’t look so good.

Might try hunting this one down in a small, then cutting this one up and using the graphics as patches somewhere.

godhead_shirt_front godhead_shirt_back

Other stuff

I found this nail polish on eBay, and judging from the logo this looks like it was promotional garb for 2000 Years of Human Error. This will be from around 2001 I’m guessing and probably sold in a Hot Topic. Looking at it and tilting it around a bit, it has the viscosity of a brick. Shaking it by my ear, I hear nothing. I don’t really want to open it because I cannot think of a single way that would play out that wouldn’t end in a disaster.

god_polish_side god_polish_top

Due to international shipping laws, I can’t buy nail polish from the US and get it sent to England. My friend offered to hold it for me, and after months and months, I finally managed to get myself over the pond to Texas to meet up with them. It was a great trip! I’m hoping to go back one day. I miss Texas, and I never thought I’d say that. I feel like I fit every stereotype of what a typical resident from Texas would despise.


I guess I should really call this enamel, rather than polish, as when the light catches the label on the back it’s got enamel written on it. Whatever I call this thing, it’s completely unusable and absolute tatt that I will NEVER find a use for. And I will treasure it til the end of time.