Cannibal Corpse


17th March 2018


Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia


Rock City, Nottingham


This time I went to see Cannibal Corpse, supported by The Black Dahlia Murder and In Arkadia. Cannibal Corpse were touring to promote their latest album, Red Before Black.

This is the first gig I had to travel for. The amount of times I had gotten a notification saying that a band had announced a tour only to find out they weren’t playing my city was too high to count. This time, I thought to myself, when on Earth am I ever going to get the chance to see these guys again? Never, probably.

I often laugh at people who spend upwards of £40 on a concert ticket because in my eyes, anything above £30 is a joke. The ticket for this show was averagely priced, I have nothing to say on that. However, when I tot up the train ticket halfway down the country along with the hotel? It hurts a little bit to think about. We’re talking over £100 so far.

Now, the actual concert. I’m a bit pissed thinking back on this as I’m typing this out. When I go on a journey that’s a couple hours or longer, I tend to get ill. Not travel sickness, I just catch a cold. Pretty much every time. I’m sure someone told me why this happens.

I get to the gig, doors open, I have a drink in each hand, and I make my merry way to the barrier and wait for something to happen. It’s about half an hour later that I start feeling shite. Headache, stuffy, the works.

Sod it, I’ll go upstairs and stand at the barrier on the balcony. You get a full view of the stage there, and you can look over everyone’s heads. It’s better than nothing! I set up camp there for the whole show.

The opening bands… first off was In Arkadia, who I believe are French. Their music is kind of like… how to describe it? Backwards baseball caps, basketball jerseys, bog-standard short-back-and-sides haircuts, and the music itself I suppose would just be described as metalcore, also known as the worst genre of music on the planet.

Next up was The Black Dahlia Murder. I remember I used to have a Twitter account when I was 14, and I was mutuals with a guy who believed this band was God’s gift to the planet. I can now confirm that they’re not, but the guys in this band seemed extremely sweet so it’s hard to be mean about them. You ever heard of ‘The Hairy Bikers’? They’re a couple of TV chefs from the North East of England. National treasures. Well, the lead dude from this Black Dahlia group looks just like Dave Myers.

As for Cannibal Corpse themselves, well, they were good! I only wish they would have played The Strangulation Chair as that’s my favourite song by them, but beggars can’t be choosers.


Snapped up a hoodie on the way out. The quality of it is crap and I think it shrunk in the wash, but I wear it a lot so I don’t suppose it matters so much.