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Site Credits

Here are some fun facts for those interested:

  • Images on this site have primarily been taken from various video games, including Manhunt and Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
  • The name ‘Carcer City Mall’ also comes from Manhunt
  • I write all my website code in Notepad++
  • I use static site generator Hugo to stop me copying and pasting a navigation bar onto 100+ different pages
  • This site is hosted on Neocities
  • I test in Firefox, Edge, and IE11. If you use Chrome and it looks busted, send me an email and I might fix it.
  • This site was built for desktop viewing. It is not mobile compatible at all and I have no real intention of making it so.
  • I use Audacity to make my playlists
  • I use a super extremely definitely legal copy of Adobe Photoshop 2020 for all my image editing
  • I use PNGGauntlet to convert static gifs to pngs, and to crush them to save a bit of loading time.
  • I use minimal vanilla JavaScript to do minor things like counting elements on a page. The only code not written by me is some custom scrollbar code from buzinas on Github, because Firefox decided we don’t deserve nice things.
  • Proudly framework free!
  • Apart from the Github link above, I write and make everything on this site my damn self. I’ve yet to decide whether my efforts are paying off or not.