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Publish date: Wed, Mar 13, 2019
Last updated: Fri, Oct 16, 2020

I buy CDs all the damn time. New release from an artist I love? Trashy release I have faint recollections of in the bargain bin for £1? It’s mine. I don’t have much storage space so I’ve ruled that stacks of jewel cases make for acceptable home decor.

I have some vinyl and cassettes kicking around as well as a few digital albums, but I’m trying to keep some form of order here. I do have a Bandcamp account where you can stalk my digital collection and at some point I’ll stick all my releases up on Discogs too.

Current CD count:

latest finds

I archived the not-so-latest finds so this page wouldn’t get too long…

Slipknot - Iowa

Slipknot - Iowa (2001)

I had a wee trip out to South Shields market and had a brief flick through some of the CD offerings. I bagged a few classics from my childhood - pictured, obviously Iowa, but I also picked up Slipknot’s self-titled, Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe, and Ministry’s The Land of Rape and Honey.

Favourite track: Everything Ends

The Peoples Republic of Europe - Juche

The Peoples Republic of Europe - Juche (2004)

A stunner from a recent Spotify deep-dive. I was initially surprised as I thought I’d stumbled upon an early 00s Marxist-Leninist band promoting the idea of Juche through the power of screeching waves of feedback and ear-bursting harsh noise. Well, not quite. However this has got to be the most progressive music relating to the DPRK that I’ve found, so I’ll happily take this for what it is.

Favourite track: Kim Il Sung Among Workers

Kratarknathrak - Solstice

Kratarknathrak - Solstice (2007)

This album is from Pieter of The Peoples Republic of Europe, and he (I assume it was him sending out the discs!) dropped a free copy of it in with my package when I purchased the above CD and a t-shirt. This is the second time someone’s dropped a freebie album with a Bandcamp order – I don’t deserve this kindness! Excited to get my teeth into this one.

the full inventory

Kratarknathrak - Solstice Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe Slipknot - Iowa Slipknot - Slipknot The Joy Thieves - A Blue Girl The Peoples Republic of Europe - Juche

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