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I buy CDs – when I get a deal on them. Or when it’s a new release and I want to support an artist. Alright, so I buy them whenever the mood hits me. I don’t have much storage space so I’ve ruled that stacks of jewel cases make for acceptable home decor.

I have some vinyl and cassettes kicking around as well as a few digital albums, but I’m trying to keep some form of order here. I do have a Bandcamp account where you can stalk my digital collection if you wish.

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C-Tec - Darker_Cut

C-Tec - Darker / Cut (2018)

C-Tec went by a few previous names, and under this specific moniker released two albums - Darker in 1997 and Cut in 2000. You’ll probably know a couple of members in this group: Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242 and Marc Heal from Cubanate. Armalyte released the two albums as a double disc which I scooped up during Bandcamp’s latest artist-gets-100%-of-profits event. One of my favourite tracks is easily I Die Tomorrow from Cut. Makes me wish I could pole dance so I could give this song the justice that it deserves.

She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete

She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete (2019)

I’ve been getting into She Past Away more and more recently. They always struck me as a band that doesn’t give me anything new, no surprises or nothing, but consistently puts out bangers nonetheless. This album is stunning. I really love it. Loads of gems on here, but my personal favourite is Izole.

Cubanate - Kolossus

Cubanate - Kolossus (2019)

Cubanate dropped off the map for nearly 2 decades after Interference in 1998. They swooped back in with Brutalism in 2017, a re-mastering of a bunch of their older songs, before beating the planet into submission with this EP. This little stunner. This, dare I say it, is a masterpiece. Kolossus is a true no-skip album. Okay, it’s super short, whatever. This EP is just nasty. As I say, every track is fantastic, but my favourite track as of writing this is Vortex.

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