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I buy CDs – when I get a deal on them. Or when it’s a new release and I want to support an artist. Alright, so I buy them whenever the mood hits me. I don’t have much storage space so I’ve ruled that stacks of jewel cases make for acceptable home decor.

I have some vinyl and cassettes kicking around as well as a few digital albums, but I’m trying to keep some form of order here. I do have a Bandcamp account where you can stalk my collection if you wish, and in fact I suggest you do, as I’m obsessed with Jackie Extreme right now and her music is digital only for the time being. Check out That, Artificiality, and 10,000 Dollars for clear skin today.

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latest finds

C-Tec - Darker / Cut (2018)

C-Tec went by a few previous names, and under this specific moniker released two albums - Darker in 1997 and Cut in 2000. You’ll probably know a couple of members in this group: Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242 and Marc Heal from Cubanate. Armalyte released the two albums as a double disc which I scooped up during Bandcamp’s latest artist-gets-100%-of-profits event. One of my favourite tracks is easily I Die Tomorrow from Cut. Makes me wish I could pole dance so I could give this song the justice that it deserves.

She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete (2019)

I’ve been getting into She Past Away more and more recently. They always struck me as a band that doesn’t give me anything new, no surprises or nothing, but consistently puts out bangers nonetheless. This album is stunning. I really love it. Loads of gems on here, but my personal favourite is Izole.

Cubanate - Kolossus (2019)

Cubanate dropped off the map for nearly 2 decades after Interference in 1998. They swooped back in with Brutalism in 2017, a re-mastering of a bunch of their older songs, before beating the planet into submission with this EP. This little stunner. This, dare I say it, is a masterpiece. Kolossus is a true no-skip album. Okay, it’s super short, whatever. This EP is just nasty. As I say, every track is fantastic, but my favourite track as of writing this is Vortex.

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