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I buy CDs – when I get a deal on them. Or when it’s a new release and I want to support an artist. Alright, so I buy them whenever the mood hits me. I don’t have much storage space so I’ve ruled that stacks of jewel cases make for acceptable home decor.

I have some vinyl and cassettes kicking around as well as a few digital albums, but I’m trying to keep some form of order here. I do have a Bandcamp account where you can stalk my collection if you wish, and in fact I suggest you do, as I’m obsessed with Jackie Extreme right now and her music is digital only for the time being. Check out That, Artificiality, and 10,000 Dollars for clear skin today.

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Various - The Digital Space Between (1994)

Some great stuff on here. Opening with a KMFDM remix of Modern Angel by Front 242, along with tunes from Skinny Puppy, Cubanate, Die Krupps, and LeƦther Strip. More than worth the price of admission.

Various - Galerians: Rion (2003)

Did you know that Deftones remixed Skinny Puppy’s Spasmolytic? Now you do. I remember tracing that track down to the albums Remix Dystemper and this one. I ended up picking this CD up as the rest of the soundtrack was killer. Opening with Adema, Godhead, and Sevendust? A fucking power move.

I haven’t yet watched the OVA this soundtrack is for, but premise is that the Earth’s population has been enslaved by a genocidal computer named Dorothy. I’m in.

The CD also came with a Rion trading card which is really cute. I wonder if other CDs have other character cards in them.

Various - Short Circuit (2002)

A couple of quid this one, stumbled across it on eBay. It only has 3 tracks on it: Pitchshifter - Shutdown, Gravity Kills - Breakdown, and Ministry - Just One Fix. I really love the album art for this one (which might have been the reason I even picked this up in the first place…)

Charli XCX - Charli (2019)

The future of pop’s latest release. I didn’t love this one as much as Pop 2, but it’s really not bad. I had the honour to see her live last year and she played a lot from this album. A lot of this CD feels like filler, but bangers like Cross You Out and Gone make up for it.

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