This rundown corner of cyberspace belongs to Logan, a 21 year old Cancer on a one-man quest to have Digipaks eliminated from the face of the Earth. I’m here for music, I’m here for tacky web design, I’m here for video games. I got sick of Tumblr (it was a questionable 6 years on there) and wanted a static approach to dumping my useless shit online that wasn’t a popularity contest - and I also wanted to be able to find stuff after I posted it. I don’t like social media. It’s the data farming mostly, but I don’t like the societal impact it’s left either. So, for now, that brings me here.

I’m a university student studying computer science. I’m more into the backend stuff when it comes to software – I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, hence the mess here. I hail from the great North East of England, but you’ll find me passed out in various train stations across the country as I do enjoy a good gig here and there.

My old home was at https://surgerywaste.neocities.org/ but for various reasons I have relocated to a new domain. Come say hi! You can reach me on my contact page or leave a comment in my guestbook.