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Logan / 22 years old / UK

This is where I talk about music I love, upload 90s/early 00s magazine scans, post live gig write-ups, review (mostly PS2) games, and a bunch of other stuff. Really trying to make fishnets on men fashionable again.

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Carcer City Mall's Interests

Music construction site noise
Movies The Matrix, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone, Spider-Man 1 & 2, Zoolander, The Fifth Element, Demolition Man, Gunhed, Johnny Mnemonic, Hackers, Blade I & II
Television Metalocalypse, King of the Hill, Xavier: Renegade Angel
Heroes Britney Spears, Nivek Ogre

Carcer City Mall's Details

Orientation Gay
Hometown an abandoned MxO server
Body type Slim/Slender
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 5'2"

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Latest Updates

  • 2019 07 26 » Monster Mash
    • [ New section! ] :: I’m trying to be all healthy and shit so I’m going to switch my primary caffeine intake from energy drinks to coffee like a normal well-adjusted adult. However, I now have a wealth of useless knowledge and opinions about various flavours of Monster Energy drinks… I’ve dumped them here for prosperity.
  • 2019 07 23 » Coding Quarter
    • [ Building a visual sitemap ] :: My site is a mess. With a bit of web scraping and other Python fun, I built a visual sitemap with very little actual work. That helps my issue… right?
  • 2020 07 17 » CD Station
    • [ New additions! ] :: Dipping my toes into the realm of power noise with The Peoples Republic of Europe, along with a few freebie CDs artists have sent me via Bandcamp!
  • 2020 07 13 » TWO GUYS AND A GIRL
    • [ New sector! ] :: Extremely excited to announce the relaunch of the official TWO GUYS AND A GIRL website! Harvested from the Wayback Machine, cleaned up, dusted off, and finally pieced back together, it’s now open to the public!
  • 2020 07 13 » SPRUNK SODA
    • [ New sector! ] :: Restoring one of my old projects - a true-to-life recreation of the Sprunk Soda website from GTA IV. Detonate the taste explosion. Destroy your body with Sprunk.
  • 2020 06 27 » Music Index
    • [ Scavenger hunt complete! ] :: I scraped my website to find every song I’d ever referenced and collected them onto one page, along with their YouTube and (where possible) Spotify links. Go find some gems!
  • 2020 06 25 » Movie Log
    • [ New log! ] :: I’m about to kill off my Letterboxd account, and as part of the process I moved my diary, watchlist, reviews, and favourites over to their own home on my site.
  • 2020 06 24 » Reading Log
    • [ New log! ] :: I have amassed a shit ton of books clogging my downloads folder, so I believe it’s time for me to actually start reading through them (…maybe).
  • 2020 06 24 » Anime + Manga Log
    • [ New log! ] :: I nuked my MAL account in favour of logging what little anime/manga I watch/read on my site instead. Will I actually start working through my backlog? Well, I guess that’s another question.
  • 2020 06 22 » Kamurocho Hills
    • [ Runthrough: Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! ] :: I’ve finally revived the long-dormant Yakuza hub. I recently played through the first spin-off: Yakuza Kenzan, which was the first PS3 game in the series.
  • 2020 05 29 » Nook Book
    • [ Echoplex expansion ] :: Welcoming in the Nook Book, an Animal Crossing hub. The layout revamped, my New Leaf shenanigans have been relocated to their own page. I’ll soon be introducing regions for my other AC games.
  • 2020 05 19 » Playlist Portal
    • [ New mixtape! ] :: My most recent mixtape rounds up what I’ve had on rotation for the first few months of 2020. Featuring music from Cubanate, VR Sex, Test Dept, VNV Nation, and lots more.
  • 2019 10 01 » Function Junction
    • [ Mortiis and <PIG> ] :: Recounting the time I went to see the mad goblin goon Mortiis back in early 2017.
  • 2019 08 20 » The Godhead Merch Shed
    • [ Godhead had nail polish? ] :: After buying this months and months ago, a trip to the land of propane and propane accessories united me with this nigh-20 year old, completely unusable promotional nail polish for 2000 Years of Human Error.
  • 2019 07 18 » PlayStation Plaza
    • [ Review: Yakuza 2 ] :: A new review is up in the Plaza for the greatest PlayStation 2 game of all time.
  • 2019 06 25 » Magazine Mayhem
    • [ New scans: Kerrang! June ‘01 ] :: Wayne Static adorns the cover - Static-X are sick of nu metal, and are about to unleash their second album Machine to combat it. We’ll also check in on Crazy Town, and see what failed project Jonathan Davis and Clive Barker are cooking up.
  • Pending! » Concrete County
    • Adventures in urban exploration… or maybe just taking photos of ugly shit in the city.
  • Pending! » Fashion Forum
    • Diving into the finest threads media has to offer.

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